The Emergence
The Emergence
The Tunable Web

The Tunable Web

In this episode, I discuss a long brewing concept of building a tunable web for people to engage with information, goods, and services outside the influence of trillion dollar companies. As the web continues to close down into nested silos hijacking the interests and potential of people, there are new frameworks on the horizon to help reverse these trends. Join me for a commentary on technologies and concepts on the horizon to rethink the connection as a means of empowering people with discovery rather than controlling their discovery for profit.


*Separate Discovery from Distribution
*People Motive Over a Profit Motive for Discovery
*Google owns 87% of search
*Interest Profiles
*The Solid Framework
*Ethereum dApps


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Outro - Performed and created J. Paul Duplantis other than drums provided by Vinko

The Emergence
The Emergence
Welcome to The Emergence. A podcast of essays, commentary, and conversations on the failed state of a highly centralized and manipulative web and ideas on how to reverse this course to create a future web where the user is in control outside the influence of outside interests.
Whether it is through the lens of technology, politics, ideologies, philosophies, social orders, or interpersonal relationships, The Emergence will dig deep to find answers to inspire the building of a connection more representative of the user.