Episode 5

Published on:

3rd Nov 2020

Technology, direct democracy, and lost potential of a truly engaged electorate

Essay and correspondence with Tim Berners Lee's Solid Framework team on the possibility of using Solid PODS to inspire Direct Democracy.

Solid Framework Study for Flanders, Belgium - https://ruben.verborgh.org/publications/buyle_egose_2019/

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The Emergence
What is possible when we are connected and in control?
Welcome to The Emergence. A podcast of essays, commentary, and conversations on the failed state of a highly centralized and manipulative web and ideas on how to reverse this course to create a future web where the user is in control outside the influence of outside interests.

Whether it is through the lens of the technology, politics, ideologies, philosophies, social orders, or interpersonal relationships, The Emergence will to dig deep to find answers to inspire the building of a connection more representative of the user.

A journey to completely rethink the purpose of information as more of a tool wielded by people to build better societies rather than tools for societies to build better people.

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I have a background in Marketing, Consulting, Technology, and Recruiting with a passion for information theory and the potential of a decentralized and resonant connection. I enjoy writing about and commenting on the intersection between human interests and technology and my written essays can be found at www.EmergentWeb.org.